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Healthcare Services in Korba

Korba is one of the most famous cities in the state of Chhattisgarh which is located in northern part of the state. This particular city is rapidly developing in terms of culture and urbanization. It is becoming the most favored tourist destination among the other cities in Chhattisgarh. With this growth in development and prosperity, health is also an important factor in the day to day lives of the people that cannot be neglected at any cost. Hence, it is very important to provide proper health care services to the residents of any region and the city of Korba is doing a good work in terms of health care services. There are quite a many proper health care services provided to the residents in this city and various private and government hospitals are providing all the necessary health care services to those in need. Besides this, the state government of Chhattisgarh also has launched various special programs in order to take care of the citizens residing here and to improve the health status of the region.

Healthcare Services in Korba

Private Hospitals in Korba

The city of Korba is going through a phase of rapid development in the recent years and hence the health care services in the city have improved a lot such that at present, there are number of private hospitals, nursing homes and other health care centers in the city that are popular for their specialized treatments. With the updated modern medical facilities available the various health care centers and hospitals in the city aim at the earliest recovery of the patients. In comparison to the other cities here the medical charges are moderate and affordable to the citizens. DK Hospital, Balco Hospital, Akshay Hospital are some of the famous private hospitals in Korba which provide the best health care services to the residents of the city. Apart from these there are many other new hospitals, clinics and nursing homes which have also emerged as per the increasing demand for health care facilities in this region.

D K Hospital
Address: Transport Nagar, Korba - 495677
Phone: +(91)-7759-245670

Akshay Hospital
Address: M.p. Nagar , Korba - 495677
Phone: +(91)-9039221131, +(91)-7759-222286, 227168

Saikripa Hospital
Address: Plot 57, Main Road, Korba Ho, Transport Nagar, Korba - 495677
Phone: +(91)-9827113135, 9425224338, +(91)-7759-246888

Akchhaya Hospital A K Debnath
Address: Plot No 36 G G M P Nagar, Korba Ho, Korba - 495677
Phone: +(91)-7759-222539

Government Hospital in Korba

There are a number of government hospitals in the city of Korba that provide proper medical treatment and services to the residents in Korba. District Hospital Korba is one of the most popular government hospitals in the city which has all the modern equipments and facilities along with a qualified team of professional doctors. People from far off places come across this region in order to get specialized treatment from this particular hospital. Apart from this, there are various other government funded hospitals which are also present in the city and provide various health care services to the citizens of the city. Some of the other popular public hospitals in Korba include CHC Katghora, CHC Pali, CHC Kartala, C.S.E.B West Hospital, S.E.C.L Hospital and many more which are famous among the residents of Korba for good health care services.

District Hospital
Address: Distt.hospital, Korba, Distt.hospital, Korba, Korba Ho, Korba - 495677
Phone: +(91)-9826149083, +(91)-7759-224599

BALCO Hospital
Address: Balco Nagar, Korba - 495684
Phone: +(91)-7759-242036

CHC Kalghora
Address: Katghora, Korba - 495445
Phone: +(91)-9926149179

Also Read Hospitals and Chemist Stores in Korba

Medical Stores in Korba

Apart from the various hospitals spread in the city of Korba, medical stores or chemists also play a major role in providing the medicines to the people in a locality or society. These medical stores are important for providing the proper medicines to the patients at the required time. Along with all the hospitals and health care services, there are a number of chemists or medical stores spread throughout the city of Korba. Some of the medical stores here also provide 24 hours service which is very useful in times of emergencies. The growth and development in the recent years in Korba has brought many changes in the health condition of the city by improving the various health care facilities in the city.

Day And Night Medical Stores
Address: Darri Road, Korba - 495677
Phone: +(91)-9827824333

Medicine Centre
Address: Shop No 3, Shopping Centre, Balco Nagar, Sector 5, Korba - 495684
Phone: +(91)-9300263340, +(91)-7759-242081, 242369

Gayatri Medico
Address: Niharika Talkies, Near Niharika Talkies, Korba - 495677
Phone: +(91)-9303053535, +(91)-7759-223452

Pramod Medical Store
Address: New Market, Korba, Chhattisgarh, Main Road, Korba Ho, Korba - 495677
Phone: +(91)-9827171007, +(91)-7759-247133

Bharatiya Read Cross Society Mart
Address: Korba, Chhattisgarh, Main Road, Korba Ho, Korba - 495677
Phone: +(91)-9425532812, +(91)-7759-247344

Optical Stores in Korba

Optical stores provide the right spectacle to the individuals depending on their specific medical records. There are a number of optical stores are spread through the city of Korba. These optical stores sell all kinds of spectacles, glasses, glares, lens, etc. which helps in the protection of the eyes. They sell the spectacles to the customers depending on the description given by the ophthalmologist. Some of the stores in the city also provide home delivery services. Below is the list of optical stores in the city of Korba.

Optic Palace
Address: New Bus Stand, Transport Nagar, Korba, Main Road, Transport Nagar, Korba - 495677 
Phone: +(91)-9826678676
Optical House
Address: Optical House, Ghantaghar Chowk, M. P. Nagar, Korba - 495677
Phone: +(91)-7759-221997

Chasma Ghar
Address: Chasma Ghar, T. P. Nagar, Korba - 495677
Phone: +(91)-9300487945, +(91)-7759-222945

Gupta Opticals
Address: Gupta Opticals, Sarva Mangla Road, Sarva Mangala Road, Korba - 495678
Phone: +(91)-9826760494

Chasma Sansar
Address: T P Nagar, Korba, Main Road, Korba Ho, Korba - 495677 
Phone: +(91)-9329861125, 7898318834
Dipty Chasma Ghar
Address: Dipti Chasma Ghar, Power House Road, Korba HO, Besides HDFC bank, Korba - 495677 
Phone: +(91)-9827403436, +(91)-7759-222813

Deepak Opticals
Address: Power House Rode, Korba Ho, Korba, Main Road, Korba Ho, Korba - 495677 
Phone: +(91)-9753222200

Lashmi Chasma Ghar
Address: Lashmi Chasma Ghar, Main Road, Main Road, Korba - 495678
Phone: +(91)-9300059865

Deepak Opticals
Address: Deepak Opticals, P. H. Road, Dindayalk Market, Korba - 495678
Phone: +(91)-9826349820, 9981101820

Due to increase in the industrial activities day by day, Korba has developed a lot in the recent year. This development is also visible in the health care infrastructure of the city. Over the period of time, there are many hospitals set up on the canvas of the city of Korba. The healthcare units spread throughout the city includes both private as well as government hospitals, nursing home, clinics,etc. These hospitals are well maintained and equipped with all the necessary facilities in order to provide proper relief and solution to the residents with various kinds of emergencies and health problems too.

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