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Culture of Korba

The city of Korba is located on the banks of the rivers Ahiran and Hasdo. The district of Korba is amongst the most important districts in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Being an enchanting tribal town in Chhattisgarh State, Korba is the homeland of the popular Korba tribes. The city is also known for its rich forest as well as mineral wealth along with an amazing wildlife population. Hence, Korba is an amazing must-visit destination in Chhatisgarh.

The Korwa tribes in the city of Korba are inhabited in the thickly forested hilly region. Thus they are untouched by the modern culture and retain their age-old cultures and traditions. This unique tribal life and rich culture has become the main reason for the tourist attraction in this region.
The culture of any place is the reflection of the society. Korba city’s culture is captivating and fascinating. The culture here tells us about the people dwelling in this place, their beliefs and their lifestyle. Age old traditions and practices are still being followed by the locals residing here. The festivals, the attractions, the events, all of these reflect the culture of the city in every which way. Let us understand more about the festivals, languages, religion and culture of the city in detail.

Festivals in Korba

Festivals in Korba

The city of Chhattisgarh is a tribal region and is popular everywhere for its scenic beauty and unique tribal culture. A variety of festivals are celebrated here depicting the culture of city. The festivals which are specific to the city of Korba have unique specialties as compared to the festivals that are celebrated throughout the country. The festivals celebrated here are the best way to understand the culture and tradition of the city. Some of the major festivals celebrated by the people here include Hareli, Navakhani, Ganga Sarhul Chherka, Dushhara, Dipawali, Kartika, Karma, and Dushara. All the festivals celebrated here with their age old traditions and customs, bring a sense of social anxiety and unity within the society. The festivals celebrated here with various colorful traditions give a true reflection of this city and the diverse culture of the people living here. Some of the chief festivals celebrated in this beautiful city include:

Hareli festival is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated in the city of Korba. It is celebrated during the month of monsoon in the entire state of Chhattisgarh. This festival is observed in order to seek the blessings of the Almighty God for a good yield of crops in the region. During this festival the farmers residing in this region worship the farm equipments and the farm animals. The residents of the city also hang neem leaves on the doors which is believed to ward of different kinds of diseases.

Pola is another festival celebrated in the city of Korba. The Hareli festival is followed by this particular festival. This festival is not only celebrated in the city of Korba, but it is celebrated throughout the state of Chhattisgarh. During this festival the bullocks are worshipped and the kids play with the idols of Lord Shiva’s vehicle which is made of clay and are fitted with clay wheels. The bull race is the major event of this festival.

Dussehra is amongst the most important festivals celebrated in the region. It is a ten day event which is believed to be originated during the 15th century. Almost all the tribal inhabitants of the city participate in this event. This festival is celebrated by the tribal people as a congregation of the Maoli Devi and her sisters. A large number of priests bring the local deities which are beautifully embellished with colored flowers.

Korba Mahotsav 
Korba Mahotsav is organized in the city during the month of May. The Korwa tribes in this region celebrate this festival with much enthusiasm and vigor by following all the religious rituals and rites. These festivals bring a sense of togetherness amongst the people dwelling in the society.

Religions and Languages in Korba

The mother tongue or the main language of the people in Korba people is Korba which is named after the city’s name. Other alternative names for this particular language include Singli or Ernga. Althoug the people here refer to their language as their Bhashi, which means their local language. The origin of the language is from the Munda branch of the Austroasiatic language. The people residing in Korba also speak Chhattisgarhi and Sadri as their second language.

Folk Songs and Dance Forms in Korba

The rich and varied cultural heritage of the city of Korba is reflected in its dance, music and art forms. The Folk Songs here occupy a very important place in the culture of the city. 

Many castes or tribal people live in this region. These tribes while celebrating their festivals and marriages indulge in various dance forms and music. Some of the folk songs here are for specific periods and are sung during seasons like Sawnahi which is during the rainy seasons, Baramasi which lasts for a period of 12 months and Fag which is basically Basant Geet. Apart from these, there are some songs, which are sung during the festivals like Sua songs which is sung during Dipawali, Dohe which is also sung during Dipawali and Cher-Chera songs which are sung in order to welcome the new crops. Some of the regional folk songs of this region include Dhankul songs, Mata Seva songs, Janvara songs, songs of Nagpanchami, Goura songs, Bhojali songs etc.

The city of Korba is home to many tribal communities especially the Korwa tribes. Some of the oldest tribal communities have been living here for more than 10,000 years. Each of these communities, have their own distinctive and rich culture and history dance, music and other art forms. The tribal festivals and marriages are filled with age old customs and traditions along with various dance forms. The Saila Dance is one of the many dances in this region. This particular dance is quite famous for its uniqueness.

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